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Zopala By V P Kale (vapu)

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Which colours are revealed through Va Pu`s stories? The answer is `all`! The main colour is that of pain and anguish. It engulfs the readers completely. The characters who are victims of this pain and anguish linger in our minds making us ask ourselves a few questions, judging ourselves. He does not write something out of the blue. His characters, his incidents, his writing every thing is based on the happenings in his surroundings, in your surroundings, in my surroundings. Yet, it is the sensitivity of his mind that captures this happening and presents them into those magnificent ways. These events are the same that happen in our lives too, yet we fail to recognize the grandeur behind them. We find all these characters close to us as we often witness the reflection of these incidents in our close vicinity. Very few people have the ability to create the wonderful world of words tenderly and effectively. Va Pu is one of those few lucky people. His mind detects the germinating powers of a minute seed and then with immense capacity and patience he grows a wonderful story from the seed. He has excellent command over philosophy but does not irritate us with its high doses. On the contrary, he presents it so artistically that we welcome it instead of running away from it; for a moment our mind pauses, ponders over his doctrines of happy life and gives us a very positive attitude to lead this otherwise boring and monotonous life of a common man.

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