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Ziglar on Selling by Zig Ziglar

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Drawing on his more than forty years of sales experience, Zig Ziglar provides a wealth of inspirational and practical information for making it in today's fast-paced selling world. This book will help sales professionals persuade their customers more effectively, more ethically and more often. Ziglar on Selling is brimming with selling fundamentals, taking timeless truths and making them relevant for the new millennium. The techniques and procedures Ziglar presents will not only keep your clients happy and add to your income, but will also add to your intangible income, your quality of life. Zig Ziglar shows you how. Sharing information, direction, inspiration, laughter and tears from his selling experiences, Ziglar will help you make the necessary choices for a balanced life personal and professional. Selling is a magnificently rewarding and exciting profession. It is, however, more than a career. It is a way of life constantly changing and always demanding your best. In Ziglar on Selling, you'll discover the kind of person you are is the most essential facet in building a successful professional sales career. You've got to be before you can do.

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