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Witness for the Prosecution By Agatha Christie

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Witness for the Prosecution, Agatha Christie's highly successful and award-winning stage thriller, opened in 1953 to spectacular reviews. It went on to become an acclaimed feature film, nominated for six Academy Awards. This v special 50th anniversary edition comes complete with three other mysteries, demonstrating Agatha Christie's mastery otthe crime genre in theatre as well as books? In a stunning courtroom drama, a scheming wife testifies J against her husband during a shocking murder trial. A psychopathic murderer homes in on unsuspecting victims 1, in a seaside house, perched high on a cliff. A young woman discovers that her mother was imprisoned murdering her father 16 years before and so determines to prove her dead mother's innocence. Passion, murder and love combine one of Christie's more, unsnuff thrillers, which she described as I he best play J. have written with the exception of Witness for the Prosecution

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