When you became my life by Anshul Sharma

When you became my life by Anshul Sharma

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One cataclysm after another hit the life of young Neel, leaving him emotionally disheveled. Neev, the central protagonist of the romantic novel When You Became My Life, has always known sorrow as a constant companion from his childhood days to his adult life that has been following him like a shadow. So after losing his father, who was the only family that Neev had left, he has nobody left to look upto. In another set of misfortune, he loses everything else that he owned and finds himself at the crossroads, with no place to sleep and nothing to eat.

His friend Aadi comes to the rescue of Neev, who takes up the first opportunity that comes his way. Living in Agra with his friend and a new job revive to survive on, keeps him going. He has now, to a large extent, recovered and has something to look forward to each day. Just when his life is getting back on track, he meets Aashi and falls in love with her.

Aashi is from a small-town but her aspirations know no boundaries and she is determined to realise her dreams, come what may. Neev soon finds himself involved in trying to fulfil her dreams. In doing so he is confronted with many life threatening issues that keep coming his way and again finds himself at the crossroads, with love on one side and his life on the other, where he has to make the biggest decision of his life.

When You Became My Life is a romantic novel of how Neev battles destiny to be one with his love.

About the author:

An electronic engineer by qualification and a passionate writer by choice, Anshul Sharma has written two best selling novels. His first book, It should be you!! My Love was published in 2011 and was soon on the bestseller list. When You Became My Life, his second book, was published in 2013.

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