When a Lawyer Falls in Love By  Amrita Suresh

When a Lawyer Falls in Love By Amrita Suresh

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Ankur Palekar, a third year law student believes his life is quite sorted. Except that he does not want to become a lawyer, has a family history of lunacy and has actually fallen in love. Vyas, Ankur's roommate and best friend, has no such problems-only a girlfriend who emerges from the graveyard of all places and insists on visiting him in the boys' hostel. Add to it, a Malayali friend whose car never starts and vocal chords never stop, a law festival that is not completely legal and an arranged marriage which is more deranged than arranged. Funny, pacey, yet it has its moments, When a Lawyer Falls in Love is the kind of book that will make you laugh out loud at places and ponder in silence at some, while it takes you through an unforgettable journey called college life.

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