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Whatever Became of Fathering?: by Michiaki Horie

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Popular culture ridicules fathers and their importance. With the rise of the divorce rate and the number of unwed mothers, two-parent homes are no longer a given in today's world. How did it happen? And how can couples reclaim the role of fathers in the home when they had poor or nonexistent fathers themselves? These are the difficult questions the Hories tackle in this vital and insightful book. They give perspective on our current crisis and needs by considering different models of fathering in many cultures throughout history. Have children always been independent and rebellious? Are fathers usually distant? How has the modern world changed parenting? Now we are reaping the harvest of a fatherless society - the lifelong guilt, insecurity and inferiority of millions of children raised without fathers are compounded by their problems in sexual, intellectual and moral development. This makes rebuilding fatherhood an essential task that begins one family at a time. The authors offer many practical suggestions for how husbands and wives can work together. They show dearly how fathers can be a gateway to the world, define healthy limits, build security and trust in children, discipline by guiding without breaking, and teach physical skills and faith in God. There are also suggestions for single mothers and stepfathers. Often, for both fathers and mothers, the starting place is to come to terms with their own fathers. The authors show how wounds from one's own parents can be healed as the foundation for good fathering.

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