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Vyadhimukta by Geeta Anand

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John and Aileen Crowley were on top of the world. With John’s brand-new Harvard Business School degree, a great job, and three beautiful children, they thought they finally had it all. Then their two youngest children were diagnosed with Pompe disease – a muscular disorder so rare that no company had yet developed a medicine for it. Overnight, everything changed. The children were given only months to live. But John Crowley refused to accept fate. Determined to find scientists who could develop an enzyme that would keep his children alive, John quit his job and invested himself and his life savings in a biotech start-up company. The company went on to make medical and business history. But the struggle wasn’t over yet, and scientific setbacks, accusations of conflict of interest, business troubles, and the children’s own worsening condition would test the limits of John and Aileen’s minds and hearts as they fought for a cure.

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