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Vipulach Srushti by Shri.A Dabholkar

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Many think that modern science is some very expensive business. On the contrary, in relation with the agriculture modernization means understanding the secrets of nature and using them for the best benefit, while increasing the yield of the nature and automatically of the produce. For this, we need to come together, study the crops and land types in our area, experiment on it, and then find out suitable conclusion to give benefit to all. We really wish to have prosperity, happiness and freedom, but we fail to understand that the nature, the surroundings, and our environment all are willing to shower all good things upon us. We can work on our new techniques and yet help the nature. In the western countries, these days the new slogan is `we with our happiness, satisfaction, surrounding, and environment shall live in prosperity and harmony`. We need to work on such lines for the benefit of our country. In this book we are going to learn about various small experiments that will surely help us to improve the quality and quantity of our yield.

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