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Vikasan by V S Khandekar

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This collection includes V. S. Khandekar`s short stories written during 1971 to 1973. They are a pure mixture of imagination, feelings and thoughts. The stories in "Vikasan`` have a pure yet sacred strength of entertainment. They linger into our minds for a long period of time. They make us very introspective. These stories reflect not only Khandekar`s artistic developmental approach but also reflect his deep pondering over life. These stories picture the characters that are now quite old.They have accepted the duality of their present lives unwillingly, but the memories of their sweet past lives linger in their minds. In a way, these stories are the light house for the future generation, burning with the oil of experience and memories of the older generation. These stories try to teach us that `Grihasta Dharma` which is the third stage of life is actually rebirth.Nobody ever remembers past life. Before marriage, our lives are carefree like that of butterflies, marriage changes us into birds, building nestles for the young ones, caring for them. We get involved into the adjustments while trying to get through our new roles, automatically forgetting our past lives. Is not marriage a rebirth as it makes us forget our past life?

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