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Vidyut Prakash by V S Khandekar

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Each of the ten directions carry germ for stories. Many a times these germs are hidden in a peculiar style in an emotion, in an expression, they are often hidden in expressions, in occasions, in dilemma. We are sleeping all the time, always peacefully but all of a sudden some feeling touches us deeply, unknowingly, but definitely. The awakening takes a form of a story full of emotions thoughts and imagination. This sudden touching resembles an unexpected thorny prick on a smooth road. The stories included in this collection are the products of such thoughts. They have flown to mind unknowingly and have taken a form of stories. I have dared to pen them down for my beloved readers. I truly wish that at least some of my creations succeed in giving immense happiness. Some of my creation may enlighten the minds of readers, may heighten their feelings. What else does an author want? He wants the sheer happiness, the satisfaction which can be experienced only if the reader is happy. Every time when my writing is published I have the same feelings in my mind.

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