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Vidnyanatil Ranjkata by D. S. Itokar

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Some children find science a very boring subject. They can be introduced to the world of science in a better way. They are sure going to love the simple yet interesting experiments of science. They will be equally fascinated by the world of science. The book ‘Vidnyanatil Ranjakta-Interesting Science’ with its many colourful illustrations is all set to entertain and impart knowledge. This book will talk in detail about many interesting practicals or experiments which can be easily brought into reality by the children. They would not need any expensive set of equipment or ingredients to perform these experiments. These would include a moving rabbit, magical disc, moving clown, hiding mouse, flying lid, continuously moving magnet, etc. Children can easily assemble equipment to perform experiments like soap and its work, magnetic needle, electric generator, humidity measuring equipment-hygrometer. There is a lot of diversity in all these experiments. Together parents and children can work wonders with this book. The simple language, quick results and abundant happiness will make both parents and children satisfied.

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