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Vidnyanatil Gamti Jamti by D. S. Itokar

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Many a times, many children find science a bit tough and hence boring. If we are able to explain them science in simple and lucid language then they will surely enjoy it, especially along with easy to do experiments. If these are supported with illustrations then the learning is going to be all the more easier and simpler. This book is one such wonderful tool. How to create a fountain in a bottle, transformation, a bottle going round and round, a balloon that won’t get filled with air, magic flower, colourful fountain, an invisible coin, a moving coin, etc. are the simplest experiments enjoyed by children. A few experiments are related to electronics. They include working of safety fuse, indicator of electricity, button, buzzer, battery, etc. This book will show how to make a compass. Children will surely enjoy each and every experiment shown here. Parents can take initiative and accompany children to the wonder world of science. Most of the experiments are based on the things available inhouse. They will surely open stores of happiness and satisfaction for both; parents and children as well.

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