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Vidnayanatil Saras Ani Suras by Rahul Gokhale

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The chronicles of scientific development are filled with lives and times of scientists and researchers, and thrilling moments of discoveries and inventions. The discoveries and inventions over centuries, ranging from those of safety pin to atom bomb pay testimonials to the scientific acumen, the intelligence and the dedication of these researchers, who worked tirelessly to achieve the progress. History, though consists of dates and years, this alone does not mean history. This is applicable to science history also. The history of scientific development is full of moments of enthusiasm, excitement and thrill, as equally of despair. ‘Vidnyanateel Saras Ani Suras’ – throws light on some pages of the history of scientific development, the inventions and discoveries. Readers will come across the inventor in the artist Leonardo da Vinci, life and times of Alfred Nobel, Pauling, Sakharov, Bhatnagar and exciting history of discovery of aspirin to electric bulb. Book presents this history without engulfing into any technical formulae or chronologies. It just tells the stones of excitement and excellence.

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