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Vechaleli Phule by KHALIL JIBRAAN

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This is a 2nd set of a Khalil Gibran`s 18 meteors translated by V. S. Khandekar. The 1st was ‘Suvarnakan` Gibran`s writing is the resultant product of lots of thinking that of a poet, a critic and philosopher. This combination not only makes his literature readable but also gives it a depth, a suspense. Khandekar introduced a new way of introducing the stories by Gibran. The analysis of Gibrans stories helps to find the true meaning behind its suspense, it helps to reveal the beauty of the theme concealed behind the meaning. Gibrans stories appear to be a darkened cave initially, but when allowed to touch them, read them, understand them, they are the most enlightened ones. These meteors are very short, yet they reveal different aspects of life very strongly. They represent a soul which has one ultimate aim. They are aware of the ups and downs of life. They are aware of the fraud, untruthfulness, injustice, tyranny that people face in life. These meteors us all aware of these worst conditions of life, as they have one ultimate aim that of increasing the sanctity. If the readers spend a few moment they will also find themselves in a world which is more holy, more spacious and more sublime.

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