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Vayu Pradushan by Dr.Kishor/Dr.Nalini Pawar

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Who is the creator of air pollution? Who else, but the humans! Man has the intense urge to rule over everybody and everything. This desire makes him so blind that he wishes to rule over the earth and the nature. Not only this, he interferes at all level is with the natural happenings and events. The terrible population growth, the industrialization, the wanton falling of the trees, automatic vehicles pumping out poisonous gases all the time, these all things are equally responsible for the pollution all over. We are not able to realize that this pollution is engulfing the earth into its jaws and one fine day it will not hesitate to poison us all, living out nobody, killing each and every living soul, making the earth lifeless. Each year, we come across accidents where the air pollution has caused more deaths. The incident of Bhopal Gas Accident is still fresh in everyone`s mind. Can we not do something about this? Can we not overcome this problem? Yes, we can! But what we need for it is immense will power, awareness about the environment, education about it, and participation of the educational, social and science institutions; and last but not the least is the strict follow up of the rules and regulations.

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