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Vavari Sheng by Shankar Patil

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The Beans in a Farm. Shankar Patil`s stories are a treasure of Marathi literature. He has a very uncouth mind. He does not intend to expose the rural life to gain popularity. He does not write just with the urban readers in his mind. He writes to find himself in the words, in the incidences, in the stories. He has recognized the value of story writing, he understands that writing is a mean to find the true soul. He started his journey as a story writer in 1950. The rural mind and soul lives in a society, yet the society fails to inculcate the values like freedom, equality; this is what he always regrets. Patil has more faith on transmogrification than traditions. He realizes the problems of ruralites, he does not aim at entertaining, but writes out of his social awareness. What faces him is the society based on the abode of values and culture. He exposes the showy but useless transformation in his unique style, sarcastic yet with a touch of humour. Does anyone find experiences? No, they come to us automatically; we just have to keep all our senses open to them. Patil must have realized and practiced this. Still, a lot happens between his feeling of the experiences and reproduction of them. It is a very intricate phenomenon. His stories take birth from the depth of his contemplation. This process has been continuously going on for over a period of 25 to 30 years now. His stories have enriched Marathi literature wordlessly, can we refuse this?

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