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Vata by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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Throughout the journey many paths were trodden. I left house at an early age, and when I was just sixteen all these paths came to an end. Then I kept on trudging along the ways that came along. Wherever feet would drag became the new path. There was no one to accompany. After all these years, I am still not sure about anything. Is this the path that I desire? I am still doubtful. Boredom is inevitable in our life. But then that is also incomplete. It is like a short sheet which would either cover our face and leave our feet uncovered or it might cover our feet but leave our face uncovered. We are relieved from this only if we have a hobby to keep us occupied. One must develop hobbies, not just one or two but as many as possible. When you are bored up with one hobby then you can switch to other one. Or you might nurture many of your hobbies together. In the same way, you should trudge along various paths in your life.

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