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Vastu Ajit by Ajit Rajaram Jadhav

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What does this guide contain? It has information related to architect from all the holy books of all religions; the four "vedas`, the eighteen "purane`, the "Quran`, and the "Bible`. It has solution for all the problems while building an infrastructure. This book has the dimensions of modern astrology, with all its five main aspects like, day, date, nakshatra, karan and yog. This book is very useful while building independent bungalows, projects, schemes, row houses, apartments, etc. and has many coloured photographs. This book is full of perspective drawings. It gives a full picture of the problems and solutions regarding the city surveys by the Municipality, estimate, bar chart to R.C.C., structural design, etc. which will further enable a person to build an infrastructure within record break period of time; be it a building or row house, independent bungalow, apartments or any other construction. It also gives elaborate information about the designs of industries, shops, basement, etc. Any common man who wants to build a house on his plot with all the good and not so good points of the plots can do so with the guidelines provided in this book. Farmers can earn more in farming. Separate chapters deal with kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc, highlighting on its angles and directions. This book casts light on the auspicious and religious mentalities at the same time, it brings the various developmental stages in the astrology, architecture and science technology to our notice. It gives us pictures of the gold plated "yantra`, gems, and other important things. Each and every chapter included here has been checked by the experts. Everyone of you, be it a farmer, industrialist, shop owner, tenant or the owner of the house, should study the book, accordingly make changes in the infrastructure and then enjoy a life full of riches, success, peace of mind, good health and good wishes too. We wish that the almighty give health and wealth to all once again making our motherland "sujalam, sufalam`.

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