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Vari by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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Arjun had been to Pandhari on his Wari pilgrimage, but he returned without the darshan of Lord Vitthala. Bhalya Dhangar, the ferocious thug, who saw nothing wrong in killing those innocent travelers passing through the jungles. But, a ‘fauzdar’ showed the courage to catch him. The lake brought development to the village. Everyone was reimbursed by the Government. But the village… it was lost in this process. Uma Ramoshi took care of his cow even during the famine, but he committed sin under the influence of alcohol. The family was so very unhappy for the past 20 years, the sister also had the same grief. But one fine day, she became rich… all of a sudden. While travelling by the railway, Manjula was accompanied by the blind man and his companion a lame lady, but still Manjula never reached home. Ranganath was ready to get tied up in the ‘knot’, but he decided never to get married. This ‘Wari’ is the journey of many; right from Arjun, Bhalya, Umaji, Bhalu, Manjula and Ranganath…

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