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Vanhi To Chetavava by V S Khandekar

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Khandekar was a litterateur with master over many styles. He was also famous for his profound writing skills. He did not write with the sheer purpose of entertainment. For him, a thoughtful consideration with a concern for the society was more important. He strove for a modern society. His articles based on his observations of the society held a deep knowledge which stands to be true today as well. It was his dream to build a country based on Gandhism which would further allow all to live on equal grounds. He wished to achieve a strong foundation based on science, equality, dignity to labour, love for our country and purity of heart. He believed that the modern woman was educated and prudent. He imagined the common man to be full of virtue and justice. He believed that people would be willing to work to the fullest of their content. He was insistent upon igniting minds in order to establish the New India. It is imperative to read and understand his articles in order to grasp the depth of his aspiration. Else, we would not be able to create the New India that he so wished to establish.

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