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Vandevata by V. S. Khandekar

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This collection comprises of 75 meteors by Khandekar. It is yet another addition to books like ‘Kalika`, Mrigjalatil Kalya and Soneri Savalya. Meteor is a very tremulous form of prose. The main aspiration of the meteor is to create the atmosphere with the help of very few words, to beautifully the creation with perfect but magical words and to mix thoughts and fellings into it perfectly, thus introducing life with its precious values. Meteor resembles covert insinuation. It has tremendous inner power. It is reflected perfectly well in covert but faultless presentation. Meteor unreveals the selfishness by unmasking the world and society as well, making it appear as a philosophical dose. Khandekar`s fan club will welcome this book full of vigour and vitality, whole heartedly and willingly.

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