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Vaman Malhar Joshi : Vyakti ani Vichar by V. S. Khandekar

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This book is a collection of fourteen of the most impressive essays by the great philosopher and novelist of bygone era, Late Vaman Malhar Joshi. His excellence in seemingly two different areas created valuable literature. He is considered as one of the most influential writer and critique. A few of the characteristics of his writings were impressive writing style, forceful expressions, beautiful arrangement of ideas woven into perfectly suited words. He has expressed his thoughts regarding patriotism. He has also written for the common man. Yet, apart from all this, he comes strongly as a thought-provoker. He seeks ultimate truth while aligning it with core of values. He has artistically woven assigned truth with cultures and customs. Very rarely, one possesses so many qualities together. Though he was criticized as a person who would not accept anything blindly, his critique would also not hesitate to declare him as one of the most influential thinker and scholar.

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