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Uttam Smruticha Kanmantra by Anant Pai

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Very few people are blessed with a sharp memory. They remember the lessons and poems from their childhood; they remember the minutest details like figures, names, numbers or such other things. Do you envy such people? Do you not wish to have an equally sharp memory? Do you not wish to remember all past things with their minutest details? This book will help you to trudge along the path of how to remember! There are a few guidelines in this book which will surely help to train your mind to remember those things which you want to remember.This book is based on the conception that nothing like bad or weak memory really exists. We often come across people cursing their weak memory. The fact is memory is not bad or weak, it just needs enough training in a certain way. Pai Uncle here, whom we know as the originator of `Amar Chitra Katha`, the mythological stories has especially come up with this book to help us to know the ways towards a better memorable life. The other books in this series; `Yashacha Kaanmantra` and `Atmavishwacha Kanmantra` are equally readable.

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