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Unnatural Causes by Leah Ruth Robinson

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Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe spends her workday keeping Death at bay. But now it stalks her in her home...

The life-and-death struggle waged daily in the ER is a constant, integral part of Evelyn Sutcliffe's existence. Her home is her refuge from the frenzy, the anxiety, the uncertainty, and the blood. But on a night when she and her closest friends are supposed to be celebrating Evelyn's anniversary with her significant other, psychiatrist Phil Carchiollo, a would-be murderer has invaded her sanctuary. Now a colleague clings to life by the barest of threads, struck down by poison he ingested while cooking in Evelyn's Manhattan apartment -- a lethal surprise intended for one or more of Dr. Sutcliffe's invited guests...or for Evelyn herself. As chaos threatens to engulf her professional and personal worlds -- as sordid secrets about the friends and coworkers she thought she knew suddenly begin to come to light -- Evelyn Sutcliffe realizes that she must trace a murderous evil to its twisted roots. For everything she senses, everything she learns, suggests that a killer is lurking perilously close to her: in the halls of University the shadows of the ER...

Outside her bedroom door.

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