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Umbaratha by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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Have we considered writing to be the only passion of our life? Have we ever given away our life as a Muslim singer gives away his pursuing his passion? Have we been immersed in addiction for all twentyfour hours? No, never! We have neither lived our life nor seen it. We did not dare to do so.Till the time we are trying to maintain our monetary gains, our name and fame, we won’t be able to create something worthwhile, something constructive. Only an exclusive mind would dare to throw away all the rules of grammar and take the language further away. Only an artist would dare to kick the set values of virtues and display a magnificent show of unknown set of virtues. As an artist, a dacoit also kicks the set values. But the dacoit is responsible for the moral degradation of the society while the society rises high above in the company of an artist.

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