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Turn Your Life Around with Reiki : The Complete Guide to the Science and Practice of Reiki by Anil Bhatnagar

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy-healing system of remarkable ease and efficacy that heals at the very causal level. Working from the idea that all human problems and diseases result from the illusion of separateness, Reiki re-establishes our lost connection with ourselves and the oneness that surrounds us in a multiplicity of forms. Reiki can be used to heal yourself and others. When practiced regularly, Reiki begins to bring an all round change in life's quality and does not leave any aspect of life untouched with its blessings. In this exhaustive handbook, expert Reiki Teacher, Anil Bhatnagar, explains how to get started, what your first sessions will feel like, how each hand position works, how to apply different hand positions and how to integrate Reiki with your diet and any ongoing medical treatment through other therapies (like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc).

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