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Trust Me by Rajashree

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Parvati has learnt her lesson late in life, but she has learnt it well all men are bastards. While working in an ad film company, she had met karan, her 'Mr Right'. Unfortunately, he turned out to be so wrong. Her boss, the fatherly Mr Bose, is the one shoulder she can cry on. He is also the one man she never expects a pass from. She stands corrected. All men ARE bastards. Her girlfriends manage to keep their I-told-you-so's to themselves. Parvati quits her job, and joins the unit of Jambuwant (Call me Jumbo!) Sinha, assisting him in the making of his latest Hindi feature film. 'Jumbo' is a typical Bombay film-maker. He believes in white shoes, black money and the casting couch. Manoj, the chief assistant, makes a pass at every woman he meets because he doesn't want anybody to feel unwanted. And Rahul, an actor, claims to have fallen in love with her. But Parvati is older now. And smarter. But apparently not smart enough because, very inconveniently, she finds herself liking Rahul too much

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