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Thought Leaders by Shrinivas Pandit

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What is there in this book `Thought Leaders?` It expresses tremendous necessity of bringing new ideas into real life, accepting challenges, becoming free and autonomous, and increasing the standard of living. This book presents the graph of 22 of India`s visionaries who were very successful managers too. All these people are from different businesses, they all have different backgrounds. This book tries to find the answer for the question how they got to the topmost positions? This book is the collection of the fundamentals of the exceptional businessmen. This is basically based on the interviews with these people. These interviews have revealed these people as successful manager, leaders and human beings too. They also reveal the ups and downs in their lives, the turning points of their careers, the moments of their inspirations and then their journey towards a thoughtful leadership and success. These thought leaders will surely impress you, ignite you and inspire you to achieve your goal while walking towards it, crossing the hurdles, meeting all the expectations on the way, and sincerely reaching the minutest of our feelings, religiously. This book includes the interviews with the following highly intelligent people: Anu Aaga, Dhananjay Bakhale, Pramod Choudhary, Rajabhau Chitale, Humayun Dhanrajgir, Bhanwarlal Jain, Deepak Kanegaonkar, Bhausaheb Kelkar, Ravi Khanna, Vargis Kuriyan, Raghunath Mashelkar, Kiran Mujumdar, Narayan Murti, Deepak Parekh, Pratap Pawar, Prakash Ratnaparakhi, Rony Screwwala, Sartaj Singh, Ashok Suta, Vikram Tannon, Sudhir Tillu, Manoj Tirodkar.

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