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Think To Win by S. Cannavo

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The ability to think clearly and the power to reason well set leaders apart from the crowd. All of us have these abilities, but some may not be able to use their capabilities to full advantage at home, at work, at school, or in group situations.

Think to Win is a clear and inviting guide through the amazing world of logical thinking and reasoning. Designed for all readers, this book explores crucial aspects of effective reasoning - that uniquely human characteristic that catapulted our species from the use of smoke signals to the computer, and from humble cave dwellings to space exploration.

Inspired by a student who once pleaded for a layperson's guide to "thinking well," S. Cannavo walks the reader through the various modes of thinking, understanding, and reasoning, making logical thought engaging through real-life examples. He offers essential tips on how anyone can be empowered through continual self-monitoring and self-improvement.

Want to feel better about yourself and your abilities? Do you want to explain yourself better, present a more convincing case, and ultimately be more successful? Think to Win will help you cultivate your rational intelligence.

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