The Wicked Marquis by Barbara Cartland

The Wicked Marquis by Barbara Cartland

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When lovely young Orelia Stanyon returned home from the George and Dragon Inn, she found she could not forget the dark, sardonic stranger who had rescued her from two drunken fops. He was a man whose sudden and passionate kiss had stirred Orelia's deepest desires.

She was alone in the world. The only family she had was her cousin Caroline-a beautiful woman who lived a wild and impetuous existence. Hardly the proper guardian for Orelia.

But then, one day, Caroline announced her engagement. She was to wed the Marquis of Ryde. Handsome and irresistible, he was one of the wealthiest men in Regency England. Perhaps now the family would be secure:

But Orelia was in for a surprise when she met the Marquis. For she knew him as the dark, mysterious man who had secretly won her heart months before at the George and Dragon Inn . . .

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