The Truth About Runes by Donald Tyson

The Truth About Runes by Donald Tyson

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Learn the secrets of the most powerful of all magical tools for causing material change in the world, when you readThe Truth About Runes by Donald Tyson.

Forged over the centuries in the same fires that shaped the universe, runes are the magical link between humankind and the natural potencies of the Earth, represented by the Teutonic gods. InThe Truth About Runes, you will discover that by working with the runes in ritual magic you will set primal forces in motion to achieve your material and spiritual goals. Runes are also an unsurpassed means of divining the future, providing clear messages that can be easily interpreted.

·Learn to form a runic sentence of magical desire that will focus elemental energy to achieve your goals
·Discover how to invoke the powers of the Northern gods for ceremonial magic
·Be able to make and empower a personal rune sigil to embody your individual essence and help you in day-to-day endeavors
·Learn the secrets of rune wands, rune stones, rune cards, and rune dice and how they can be used to divine clear answers to your most pressing questions
·Practice a meditation technique that will help bring the meaning of the runes to life
·Make a protective rune amulet

The runes have been used for thousands of years. Here is your chance to discover why they have been and remain popular. You'll also learn how they can help you in your day-to-day life.

Find out how to use runes in harmony with ancient practices so that you reap their greatest benefit.The Truth About Runes shows how to use this ancient system to its fullest. Get this book now.

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