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The Small Wonder: The Making Of The Nano by Ratan Tata

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Once upon a time there was a dream, born of the vision of Ratan Tata to enable middle-class Indians to have a safe and affordable means of personal mobility, to break the shackles of the mind and go where no one had gone before, to create a motor car that would be more than just another automobile. This book tells the story of how that dream was realised. This is the story of the Nano, the 1 lakh rupees wonder and how it came to be. The making of the Nano has been a struggle and a vindication, a long, arduous and expensive endeavour to cope with a wide range of problems. This, then, is also the story of how Tata Motors, the company behind the project, overcame the limitations imposed by conventional technology and traditional methods of manufacturing to craft a motor car that has changed the automobile world.

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