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The Ruthless Rake by Barbara Cartland

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The Earl of Rothingham was a rake, an unrepentant rake. All of Regency England declared him so after the Prince of Wales requested him to marry his mistress--Lady Elaine Wilmot--and he refused.

But the Earl was not a cruel man. And when, while riding in the country woods one day, he came upon a lady in distress his heart was touched. The lady was Syringa Melton-- young, innocent and ethereally beautiful. Hard times had fallen on her family and she was forced to give up her most cherished possessions.

Out of kindness and pity, the Earl brought Syringa to London to start a new lift. But it was a grave mistake. Lady Elaine was waiting for Syringa--waiting to trap her in a bitter and treacherous web of jealousy, intrigue and near death.

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