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The Real Meaning Of Money by Dorothy Rowe

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‘A very important book about one of the last social taboos – with fascinating implications for us all’ Helena Kennedy, QC

A groundbreaking book in which Dorothy Rowe brings her insight and wisdom to the fascinating subject of money and its place in our lives.

No one escapes the power and effects of money:
‘We work for it, we think about it, we worry about it, we dream about it, we want more of it. We spend it, we hoard it, we give it away. We scheme, lie, even kill for it.’

How we feel about money is central to how we live our lives. We recognize money but we don’t know what it means. We, alone of all animal species, use money, but we don’t understand it. How could we when it has so many different meanings?

In The Real Meaning of Money, eminent psychologist Dorothy Rowe unravels the complex network of paradoxes making up our daily lives to show how the individual meanings we create, particularly those concerning money, are a fundamental part of the social, economic and political world we live in.

An acutely insightful, thoroughly thought-provoking analysis, extraordinary in its breadth and wisdom.

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