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The Page Three Murders by Kalpana Swaminathan

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When Lalli`s niece finds herself at Hilla Driver`s seaside villa for a foodie weekend, murder is the last thing on her mind. She`s too busy falling in love with the cook. Also present are a number of Page 3 regular: a best-selling novelist, a jazz dancer, a broken-hearted model, a fiery feminist with a dramatic past and a respectable housewife with a sordid one, a doctor with a fashionable practice and an industrialist with a yen for horses... Each with a secret waiting to spill. It should have been a great party. But the cook serves up more than food at the Millennial Banquet. There`s murder on the menu and luckily for Hilla, Lalli takes charge. For Lalli is not your ordinary houseguest... .

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