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The Last To Know by Wendy Corsi Staub

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Townsend Heights is the perfect small town. Sleepy, tree-lined streets. Good schools. A quick commute to the city. The sort of peaceful, suburban existence Tasha Banks dreamed of living when she left her fast-paced career for full-time motherhood.

But now, Tasha’s perfect dream is turning into a terrifying nightmare. Someone is targeting women in Townsend Heights—and not just any women. A serial killer is looking for a particular kind of prey…young, stay-at-home mothers…exactly like Tasha. One by one, Tasha’s friends are disappearing, only to die in horrific ways. Suddenly, terror is transforming Townsend Heights into a sinister place of fear and foreboding—a place where evil lurks behind every corner, hiding behind the mask of a familiar face—a face that may be the last one Tasha ever sees…

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