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The Last Lover by Laura Van Wormer

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“Full of unexpected plot twists and likable characters,” says the American Library Association about 'The Last Lover'. “This follow-up to 'Exposé' is an enjoyable, fast-paced mystery full of sex, murder, and Mafia intrigue.  Sally Harrington's life as a journalist who splits her time between her hometown newspaper in Castleford, Connecticut, and a national television news [network headquartered station in New York has settled into a humdrum rhythm—her career going nowhere and her love life with New York book editor Spencer Hawes having lost much of its initial passion and furor. When she joins Spencer for a high-profile party in Los Angeles, she is just hoping to meet Liam Neesom but instead finds herself quickly entangled with Lilliana Martin, a rising star. After the party, Lilliana and Spencer mysteriously disappear. Then Lilliana's ex-boyfriend, Cliff Yarlen, a Hollywood union boss, pays Sally a visit at her Connecticut home, and she's soon drawn into a bicoastal murder and Mob-related crime investigation. Van Wormer matches Hollywood glitz with small-town New England common sense and good-natured traditional values to create an engaging and exciting tale… Van Wormer's latest is heartening and pleasing.”

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