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The Golden Rendezvous by Alistair MacLean

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It was a cargo ship, but some of its space was reserved for the very rich people. There were spacious cabins, bars full of variety of drinks, dance hall, and also the facility of wireless services for their share business. All of a sudden, one by one the mariners start dying, mysteriously. No one is able to find out the mystery, the captain is terrified, but one of his colleagues comes across a clue, he gets alert. This cargo ship was intending to meet another cargo ship in the midst of the ocean, there was a treasure hidden on that other cargo ship. One scientist has run away with a self made nuclear bomb along with the missile. There is a co-relation between all these incidents. There is some plot, some conspiracy. Only one officer amongst all wants to tear it open, he takes his first step towards it and... There was a drama unfolding on the vast stage of the ocean, there was a love story taking place along with. A novel presenting the adventurous but secluded life on a ship, full of mystery and emotions, raising your yearning.

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