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The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

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The book was internationally felicitated by the `Booker Award`. The voice and echoes, the tears and the smiles, the calls and the answers coming out of the core of the earth are the soul of this novel, `God Of Small Things`. It is garnished with the inevitable fear which a human mind experiences along with the inevitable destiny. This story is full of love, hatred, ego, jealousy, treachery, feeling of guilt and various such aspects of life which are inevitable in a human life. The author has woven all these together excellently well. She has captured us all in it making it impossible to come out of it, to free ourselves. The pickle smells of the salted raw mangoes, the jelly smells of the ripe bananas. We also come across the children singing songs while travelling to their native places or actually towards the unavoidable sadness. The story is a weird yet fascinating combination of lamentation, mystery and melancholy. Since the very beginning we get hypnotized, mesmerized. We realize that we are witnessing something totally fresh and new having the power to capture our minds. This is the only story of its type. None other will be ever as good as this.

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