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The End of Aging by Carol Orlock

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From dermatologists' discoveries about Retin A to neurologists' insights into how and why the brain ages to endocrinologists' work with human growth hormones and nutritionists' findings about the benefits of reduced caloric intake, we are experiencing a sequence of breakthroughs that will redefine old age. While many agree that the human life span has an upper limit of about 120 years, it now looks like we may be able to grow older as our bodies are kept artificially young. The End of Aging looks into the laboratories where vital research is taking place on immune system enhancement and numerous other methods that offer the promise of arresting - and even reversing - the biological process of aging. No longer will "old age" be a province of walkers, wheelchairs, and faulty memories. There will come a time when our seventies and eighties are just as productive as our twenties and thirties. Written in an entertaining and informative fashion, The End of Aging presents a fascinating overview of the aging process and the ways we are now redefining it, as well as practical steps to develop each reader's own anti-aging strategy.

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