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The Dhammapada (Arkana) by Eknath Easwaran

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"The Dhammapada" is to Buddhism what the Sermon on the Mount is to Christianity: a simply summary of its teachings, expressed with harmony and simplicity. Probably gathered from Buddha's direct disciples who wished to preserve his wisdom, "The Dhammapada" is comprised of vivid, practical verse in the oral tradition of the 6th century BC. Translated as "the path of truth", "The Dhammapada" sets out the route taken by the path, which can be followed by anyone on a quest for the higher good. The first step on the path is thought. If we can think in a way that leads us to act in accordance with the teachings of Buddha, we can begin to shape our lives and experiences in a positive, fulfilling way. This, says "The Dhammapada", is the first step towards self-reliance.

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