The Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora

The Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora

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The Deliberate Sinner is the tale of Rihana, a bold and happy-go-lucky girl with a passionate side to her. Rihana has been living life by her rules and making the most of each moment, but this is all about to change as the plot unfolds.

With her marriage to Veer, Rihana finds herself with a handsome and rich man who promises to be the perfect husband. But things are far from what they appear to be, Veer fails in satisfying Rihana’s physical and emotional needs as a partner and soon she finds herself in a dilemma. With a loneliness that is slowly creeping on her life, her soul is tormented and torn between what the society expects her to be and what she really wants.

Her wish to separate from Veer is haunted by the norms that have been imposed upon the society. Will her circumstances change for the better? This book portrays the life of a woman facing depression in an unhappy married life with deep insight. It is brutally honest and poignant in its description of the society and its conceited and bogus customs.

About the author:

Bhaavna Arora, a science graduate with a post-graduate degree in management, was a teacher for a decade before writing consumed her. Having visited many countries as a tourist or as an academic have only consolidated her view that the core human problems are universal, which have found expression in her writings. The Deliberate Sinner, he debut novel published in 2014 was a runaway success.

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