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The Company Of Women by Khushwant Singh

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Every common man is fond of happiness, he longs for the experience. At the peak of orgasm, he experiences this happiness, on a very minute scale. There is no other way for a common man to come across such happiness, for him sex is the only way to gain it. He tries again and again to gain it. During an intercourse, we are most dedicated, and ecstatic. There is a feeling of supreme oneness like never before. For a few moments, we experience a stage where we feel free from all the worries, thoughts that keep us busy otherwise. Every human being is eager to experience this feeling again and again. He finds it during sex, that is the reason why a human is so attracted to it. The person with whom he enjoys sex and in turn gains this divine experience then becomes a very near and dear to him, becomes the center of his love; not only this, the same person starts ruling his mind, his feelings as well. This is a bold autography of a lecherous yet very successful industrialist who had sex relationships with women devoide of their castes, religions and ages. Khushwant Singh, the author of international fame brings the hot scenes into reality with the aid of his pen.`The Company of the Women` is the first novel from Khushwant Singh since last 10 years. From start to end, this novel presents love, sex and lust in a very entertaining manner. It does not give a damn about the set traditions and norms of the society. It keeps the reader in an excited state, from the very first page to the last.

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