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The Backbenchers - 3 Days of Summer by Sidharth Oberoi

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The Backbenchers: 3 Days of Summer is the 3rd book of the Backbencher series from Sidharth Oberoi. The book brings to the readers a story of four students from a premiere school in Delhi. They unknowingly become a part of a mysterious adventure trip that tests their abilities and turns out to be an event with dangerous and hidden plans. The other two books from the Backbencher-series were plots around the school lives of its characters spiced with school romance, while this third book of the series has rekindled the last two books netted with unpredictable secrecy.

Ananya, the prime character of the book is taken to Tamil Nadu for a photography project along with three of her schoolmates Natasha, Shreya and Yuvraj. The expedition gets a charismatic teacher Mitali Roy joined in to get all of them working with a renowned photographer Sanjib Desai. Sanjib and Mitali reflect a story which is a subject to unleash from a reader's point of view and this unspoken past between both builds a plot for the students where they find themselves in a threat appearing large on their heads. in the meanwhile, a love story also sprouts between Ananya and Yuvraj, which is questioned under such undesirable circumstances.

The book has a lot of trait to keep the readers entwined to the characters and the story woven around. Grapevine India Publishers brought the book in 2013 to its readers in a Paperback needled in 224 pages.

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