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Teen Saangaatini by Ravindranath Tagore

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The three stories, Ravivar, Akheracha Shabd and Laboratory, included herein were originally written by Rabindranath Tagore during 1938-1940. Considering his life-span from 1861-1941, it is clear that he wrote them at the end of his life. All these were long stories differing in style of caricatures and techniques compared to his earlier writings. The main characters from these stories are scientist, artist and technician which is quite remarkable. Yet, what we recall the best are the characters of women in each story, Vibha, Achira and Sohini. All these three are exceptional in their own way. While establishing relation with the males they decide upon its limitation as well. Their independent nature gives them unique identity which is why the trio is so different from the characters in Rabindranath Tagore’s earlier stories, hence the name ‘Teen Sangatinee.’

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