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Tapatapadi By V P Kale (vapu)

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"Taptapadi`, is actually "Saptapadi` as the name suggests is walking those seven initial steps together; one of the rituals of an Indian marriage. These seven steps are indicative of the life that a husband and wife are going to lead together in each other`s company, holding hands on the way, completing the journey of life with a firm belief in each other, supporting each other, sometimes following, sometimes leading. In Sanskrit it is said that, "Sakha Saptapadi Bhav`; it indicates that the seven steps that we walk together during the "saptapadi` should always be our friends, should bring our minds close to each other, should make us comfortable towards each other, should help us to understand each other properly as a friend would. Those men who understand the meaning of "Sakha` will lead such a life; for them life will be no less than heaven itself, but those who do not understand the real meaning of the word "Sakha` will suffer. For them trudging along will in no way a pleasant experience, for them it will be walking on a hot iron plate. Before taking the seven steps of the "Saptapadi` the end of the bride`s saree is tied up in a firm knot to the shawl that the bridegroom carries over his shoulders. At any time, he can conveniently discard the shawl as he is just carrying it over his shoulders. But for a bride it is not easy. Even if she decides to discard it then she has to pay heavily for it. She has to take care of the shawl along with the knot or compensate for it; laboriously; even today

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