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Tantu by S. L. Bhairappa

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Violence never ends, it grows more and more, finding new opponents, new methods . Violence , Persecution , possess their own velocity, their own rationality. Persecution, politics, diplomacy , and similar terms don’t believe in using their intellects , but ,nobody can rule a mind and its creativity . Authors, artists, journalists, social workers etc. are targeted by these kind of people. As a result, the cultural and folkloric loss is intolerable and awful. The circle of time freezes for that chunk of people. The sky was obscured before the declarence of emergency crisis. Politicians were content with their hidden outlaw powers . “Neither you’ll stay alive, nor death will arrive” was the circumstance they created. In this disturbing situation , how an intelligent journalist along with his family suffers from an intense situation, narrated on a National background, that knock-backs our minds and brains dreadfully is - TANTU Great and fearless Kannad idealist and author Shri S.L.Bhairappa with his varied and strange filaments have stitched a giant fabric – TANTU

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