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Taken at the Flood By Agatha Christie

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Celebrated Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot has been sent to the sleepy English village of Warmsley Vale to check into the background of Gordon Cloade, supposedly a victim of the London Blitz. He had wed an attractive young widow, Rosaleen, who is now the sole heir of the Cloade family fortune. Most of the Cloade family members had grown dependent on money from Gordon Cloade, a bachelor who was expected to die and leave his fortune to them.


But there is some question about whether Rosaleen was ever a widow at all. There's a growing suspicion that her first husband is still among the living, making Rosaleen a bigamist. This raises skepticism, not only about the will, but on Gordon Cloade's demise.


With some members of the Cloade family on the verge of financial collapse, it isn't long before murder shakes the family tree, in this vintage Christie mystery, which proves that murder is more exciting when it's kept in the family

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