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Swayampak Gharatil Nava Mitra Microwave Oven by Rajshree Naware

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Most of the ladies have to manage their office, business, and many other things along with their household duties and cooking, the inevitable part of a woman`s life. Because of shortage of time, she always thinks of ways to save her time. She has to consider a lot of things while planning her cooking. The time, the likings of all, the nutritious values of the food, the taste, the age group are many such factors about which she has to think. Microwave is the wonderful device to make cooking effortless. It is no wonder that many of the women have admitted that microwave saves time and helps in cooking tasty and delicious dishes, but even the men have accepted this after trying it. This book includes many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There are simple food items which we cook every day and there are special food items for special people, for special occasions from various states and countries. The main feature of this book is the author here explains us how to choose a microwave, how to use it, and what precautions should we follow while using it.

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