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Swatahcha Shodh by Osho

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The thoughts penned down by OSHO in the year 1987 and the instances that took place in 2001... When we think of them together then we realize that his thoughts then have very precisely come true after such a long period of time. In this third part, he has fulsomely thanked the mother earth while being able to solve the universal labyrinth. He explains that compared to the animal life, a human life is much more sensational. At the same time, he warns us again and again to take utmost care of it. He reminds us that it is the gift from mother earth, hence we ought to nurture it in all possible ways. He also warns us about not being negligent towards it. To be able to do this, he says, we must try and find the true me within. He tells us that the most important and essential stage in the furtherance of a human life is to `finding oneself`.

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